Devin was born in Provo, Utah in 1965 while his father was attending Brigham Young University. He grew up in Salt Lake City, moving to Spokane, Washington, where he attended Central Valley High School.

After high school, he served an LDS mission in Argentina, returning in 1985 to start college at the University of Utah. During school, Devin lived at home and worked full time at American Savings and Loan, which failed within four years.

While in school, Devin met and married Gail Gray. Their first child was born less than a month after Devin graduated from "the U" with a B.S. in Finance.

The small family, which apart from Devin's increasing weight has not grown since, left to go to Washington, DC, where Devin worked on Capital Hill for Senator Jake Garn on the Senate Banking Committee staff.

After two years, Devin returned to school at Cornell University, where he earned an MBA.

Following school, the family returned to Utah, where Devin started a mortgage brokerage. He later joined a small investment banking firm and then did a stint with an exercise equipment company. Later he served as the Treasurer of USANA, a fast-growing public company.

In 2000, Devin started the Thorpe Capital Group, a regional investment banking firm in Salt Lake City.

Devin serves actively in his church and community, presently serving as the President elect of the MountainWest Capital Network and as Chairman of the University of Utah Business Alumni Association.

Devin's real pleasure comes from being with family and working on family history.


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