About the Thorpes


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    This photo album contains photos of the "Gray Clan," which is spread across the Western United States.

Thorpe Reunion

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    Over the Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-29) 2006, Thorpes gathered from California, Nevada and around Utah to the official middle of nowhere (Ephraim, Utah) where many ancestors are buried. We ate together, worked in the cemetary and explored Sanpete County, where our Danish ancestors settled. The annual Scandinavian Festival provided context for the weekend.

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June 01, 2008


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My first car was a 1934 Ford 4-door sedan. That make it the same age as I was--16. I paid $100 and it lasted a few months longer than Dev's, but probably not much. It would be a 74 year old car, today, and probably worth more than our condo.

Devin Thorpe


If you and the car were the same age when you were 16, how did the car get to be so much older than you today?



Roger Vance

While it was not my first car, (second) In 1977 I bought a '71 Honda AN600 sedan the same color as yours for $125.00! It needed some basic maintenance and new exhaust system and was delivering me around town at 45 MPG and 55 on the road! It was a great car but sadly two years later the bearings in the top end of the engine wiped out and I didn't have the $1500 to replace the engine nor was the car worth it at that point. Would love to try again though :)

Alex Torres

I bought one a couple of weeks ago for $1,500 not running.

Greg Watkins

I have one for sale show room quality and it is red. I'm thinking it's worth around $7500.

Devin Thorpe

I should have kept mine!!!

Esmeralda Migliore

This was one of those cars which were "cute" back in the days. It would have been a piece of history right there. Have you thought of where the car might be? It must have had different dealers and owners.

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